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Westhall Public Houses

WESTHALL, a small village, 3 miles N.E. of Halesworth, has in its parish 412 inhabitants, 2194 acres of land, and many scattered houses, stretching more than two miles N.W. of the church to the source of a rivulet; and mostly situated on the margins of four greens or commons, which comprise 125 acres, on which all the parishioners have a right of pasturage, according to the extent of their farms. Robert de Burgh, Earl of Kent, had a grant of the manor in the 13th of Henry III. From the reign of Henry VIII. till the latter part of last century, it was held by the Bohun family, one of whom, Edmd. Bohun, Esq., who resided here, was a voluminous writer of the 17th century. The most noted of his works were, a Geographical Dictionary, and a History of King James the Second's Desertion. William Adair, Esq., is now lord of the manor, but a great part of the soil belongs to Peter Foster, Esq., Thomas. Farr, Esq., the Rev — White, and the Penrose, Tacon, Manning, Carlos, Newson, and other families. The Church (St. Andrew) is a small ancient structure, with a tower and, five bells. The prior and convent of Norwich bought the advowson and the appropriation of Humberstone Abbey, Lincolnshire. The Dean and Chapter of Norwich are now appropriators of the rectory, and patrons of the vicarage, valued in K.B. at 10. 2s. 3d., and in 1835 at 195, and now enjoyed by the Rev. Richard Mathews. The rectorial tithes have been commuted for 478 10s., and the vicarial for 150 per annum. A cottage and two acres of land, let for 9, and two ground rents, amounting to 6s. per annum, have been vested for a long period for the repairs of the church. The parish has also two yearly rent-charges of 1 6s. and 1 12s., left by the Rev. Gregory Clarke, and Ann his wife, in 1717 and 1726, for schooling poor children. They are paid to a schoolmistress, for teaching five children to read.
Marked 1, live on Bacon Common; 2, Cox Green; 3, Mill Common; and 4, Nethergate Green.
Beddingfield Cornelius, tailor
3 Blaxhill Samuel, corn miller
3 Boyles Samuel, vict. Greyhound
3 Boyles James, shoemaker
3 Coleby Joseph, shoemaker
3 Cornish Joshua, tinner & blacksmith
Fisk Fras. brewer & vict. Race Horse
Fisk John, parish clerk
2 Green William, wheelwright
3 Miller Edmund, wheelwright
Offord William, blacksmith
2 Bates John (Dis surveyor)
3 Clerk Robert
3 Crisp Ellis
3 Cross William
3 Davy John
3 Davy Emily
2 Driver Henry
3 Ellis James
2 Fuller William
2 Green William
3 Greenard George
4Greenwood Ann S
Haddingham W
2 Hammond Samuel
3 Leman Robert
3 Newbery Jno.
4 Newbery Geo.
3 Newson Isaac
3 Norman Isaac
3 Pedgrift John
4 Rackham Roger
2 Sallows Thomas
Spelman Isaac, Westhall Hall

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