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Public houses in South Elmham

SOUTHELMHAM All Saints and St. Nicholas in 1844, are two united parishes, 5 miles S. by W. of Bungay, the former containing 1150a., 224 inhabitants, and a village scattered near a green of 52a.; and the latter having about 500 acres, 90 inhabitants, and nineteen scattered houses, Wm. Adair, Esq., is lord of the manor, but part of the soil belongs to Dr. Crowfoot, Mr. O. Durrant, and several smaller proprietors. St. Nicholas' Church was in ruins more than two centuries ago, but a small portion of one of its walls is still standing. All Saints Church is an ancient structure, with a round tower and leaded roof. They are both discharged rectories, valued in K.B., the former at 6, and the latter at 8, but they have long been consolidated, and have now about 32 acres of glebe, and a vearly modus of  274 in lieu of tithes. William Adair, Esq. is patron, and the Rev. George Sandby, of Flixton, is the incumbent. The two parishes have two cottages and 1a. 2r. of land, let for 9 11s. 6d. a year, and vested with the churchwardens for the reparation of the church. The Deanery Of South EI.MHAM comprises the seven adjoining parishes of Southelmham, and the two parishes of Flixton and Homersfield. The Trust Estates belonging jointly to these nine parishes, have been vested from an early period in trust, that the rents and profits should be applied for payment of the leet fee, or common fine of the leet of the manor of Southelmham, (which comprises the nine parishes,) and for repairing the highways, bridges, &c, in the seven Southelmhams. The estates consist of a farm of 27a. in Aldborougb and Wortwell, Norfolk, let for 40 a year ; and 18 acres of land in Flixton and Southelmham St. Margaret, let for 20 ayear. Since 1814, the trustees have, out of these rents, divided 11. 11s. yearly amongst the poor of the nine parishes. The Bishops of Norwich had anciently a Palace at Southelmham, as well as at Northelmham, in Norfolk, and other places. In the 12th and 13th century, they are said to have occasionally resided herein great splendour, especially Bishop Suffield, who made a valuation of all the ecclesiastical revenues in the kingdom, for Pope Innocent, and died in 1258.
Marked + are in St. Nicholas', and the others in Southelmham AllSaints
Aldrich Elisha, wheelwright
Foyster David, victualler, White Lion
Huke George, grocer and draper
+ King James, blacksmith
Smith Thomas, bricklayer
Thurston Robert, corn miller and shopkeeper
Wakeling Mrs Martha
Blackburn John
Blackburn George
+ Button James
Chambers Edw.
Coates Jeremiah
+ Danby James
Greenard James
Huke George
+ Mathews Hannah
Meers William
+ Newson William
+ Page Peter
Rackham Simon
Swallow John
Thurston Thomas
Whealey John

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