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History of Suffolk - Woodbridge private residents 1865

Post Office Directory of 1865.

Woodbridge & Commercial Traders

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Allen Mr. Robert, Castle street
Beacom Mr. Henry, Brewers road
Berrett Mr. Robert, 3 St. John street
Betts Mr. John, Thoroughfare
Betts Mr. John, sen. Thoroughfare
Bligh Mr. James, Thoroughfare
Brinkley Miss, St. John's terrace
Brooke Cooper Charles, Hill house
Brydges Mr. Wm. Geo. Cumberland st
Buck master Mrs. St. John street.
Calver Misses, Hosketon road
Carthew Mrs. Cumberland street
Carthew Thomas, esq. Church street
Churchyard Mrs. Cumberland street
Clarke Mrs. Castle street
Cook Mr. William, Brook street
Dallenger Mr. John, Thoroughfare
Doughty Frederic Goodwyn, esq. J.P. Cumberland street
Edwards Mrs. Thoroughfare
Fitzgerald Edward, esq. Market hill
Frost Rev. George Oliver [Independent], Chapel lane
Frost Mrs. Cumberland street
Garrard Mr. William, Thoroughfare
Gissing John Steam, esq. Market hill
Gissing Mrs. Cumberland street
Goodwyn Mr. Reason, Thoroughfare
Gough Mr. George, St. John's hill
Gravely Mr. Stephen, St. John's terrace
Grimwood Mrs. St. John's hill
Grimwood Mr. Thomas, Thoroughfare
Groom Mrs. Church street
Gross Frederick, esq. Church street
Gross James, esq. Thoroughfare
Hart Mr. Daniel, Quay house
Hart Mr. John Brook | Thoroughfare
Hastings Rev.Frederick [Independent], Mill hill
Hext Mr. Henry Samuel, Brook street
Hillen Mr. Robert, Quay house
Holesgrove Rev. Willinm [chaplain to Seckford almshouses], Thoroughfare
Hughes Rev. Thomas William, B.A. Cumberland street
Jackson Mr. John David, St. John st
Jay Mr. William, Dry Bridge hill
Johnson Misses, Seckford street
Jones Richard, esq. Thoroughfare
Lee Mrs. Mount Pleasant
Loder Mr. Charles, Cumberland street
Long Major William Beeston, J.P. The Abbey
Manby Mr. Geo. Edwards,Thoroughfare
Marshall Charles George,esq. Church st Holly lodge, Seckford st
Mason Rev. Peter Pearson [curate], New street
Meller Rev. Thomas William, M.A. [incumbent], Parsonage
Miles Lieut.Thomas, Cumberland street
Moor George, esq. Cumberland street
Moor Miss, Cumberland street
Moore Nathaniel, esq. Market hill
Moore William Hibbit, esq. Church street
Morley Mr. William, Thoroughfare
Moulton Mr. Benjamin, Thoroughfare
Nadin Mr. Samuel, Thoroughfare
Neeve Mr. Gundry, Seckford street
Norton William, esq. The Lodge
Pulham Mrs. Seckford street
Reeve Robert Ashby, esq. Thoroughfare
Richards Mrs. Grove house
Rouse John William, esq. Church street
Rowley Rev. Joseph Moss, M.A. [incumbent of St. John's], St. John's
Salkeld Mr. Francis, Cumberland street
Silver Miss. Seckford street
Silver Mr. Thomas Temple, Church street
Smith Mr. John,Doric pi .Thoroughfare
Smith Mr. Thurton, Cumberland street
Steele Mrs. Cumberland street
Steele Mrs. St. John's hill
Tate Rev.William,M.A.Grammar school
Taylor Rev. Henry [Nonconformist], Chapel lane
Thompson Geo. Thoroughfare
Tolls Misses, Seckford street
Turner -Mrs. St. John's hill
Watson Rev. Christopher George, M.A. .[rector of Melton], Church street
Welton Wm. Woollard, esq. Market hill
Whisstock Mr. Frederick, Seckford st
Wigg.VIr.Arthur,Doric pl.Thoroughfare
Wilson Hon. Miss, Doric house, Doric place. Thoroughfare

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