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    Suffolk and Pub History in progress

    Suffolk and UK Pub History in progress

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    History of Suffolk - Woodbridge 1865

    Post Office Directory of 1865. & residents & commercial traders

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    WOODBRIDGE is a parish, polling place for East Suffolk, market town, port and railway station, on the banks of the river Deben, in the hundred of Loes, Woodbridge union, East Suffolk, 77 miles from London, 8 north-east from Ipswich 12 from Saxraundham 26 from Colchester, and 46 from Yarmouth. It is pleasantly situated on the slope of a hill, commanding a fine view of the river to its confluence with the sea, at a distance of 12 miles. It is regularly built, lighted with gas, and supplied with water, and consists principally of four streets, forming the roads to Ipswich, Saxmundham, and Debenham. It was formerly connected with Yarmouth, but is now a port, with Aldborough and Orford, and has an extensive coasting trade. Large quantities of malt and corn and bricks of a beautiful white quality are shipped from Woodbridge, and the imports are coal, timber, seeds, oilcake, wine, spirits and other goods. The vessels connected with the port are mostly of about 120 tons. There are extensive bonded warehouses, also a yard for building ships, with commodious wharves and quays; corn mills, maltings, iron foundry, whiting factory, rope-walks, brick-field, &c. Corn and cattle markets are held on Thursdays, and the town being advantageously situated in an extensive corn and grazing district, the markets-are abundantly supplied and well attended. Fairs are held on the first Tuesday in April and Michaelmas-day and day following: the Lady fair, held in April, is celebrated for its annual show of entire horses. A public room or lecture hall was erected in 1851, 65 feet in length, 33 in breadth, and 22 in height; also reading rooms adjoining, in which the library of the mechanics' institution is kept, and the meetings of the members held. A county court is held here, which comprises within its districts the following places—Alderton, Bawdsey, Bealings Parva, Bealings Magna, Blaxhall, Boulge, Boyton, Bredfield, Brightwell, Bromswell, Bucklesham, Burgh, Butley, Campsey Ashe, Capel Saint Andrew, Charsfield, Chillesford, Clopton, Culpho, Dallinghoo, Debach, Eyke, Felixton, Foxhall, Grundisburgh, Hacheston, Hasketon, Hemley, Hollesley, Iken, Kesgrave, Kirton, Languard Fort, Levington, Martlesford, Marlesham, Melton, Newbourne, Orford, Orford-with-Gedgrave, Otley, Pettistree, Playford, Ramsholt, Rendlesham, Shottisham, Sudbourne, Sutton, Trimley Saint Martin, Trimley Saint Mary, Tunstall, Ufford, Waldringfield,Walton, Wantisden.Wickham Market, and Woodbridge. Petty sessions are held every Thursday.
    The church of the Virgin Mary is a fine specimen of Perpendicular architecture, with a noble flint tower 108 feet high. The living is a perpetual curacy, annual value £320, In the gift of, and held by, the Rev. Thomas William Meller, M.A.
    St. John's is a handsome modern Gothic building; the Rev. Joseph Moss Rowley, M.A., of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, is incumbent.
    There is a large chapel for the Independents, and chapels for the New Congregationalists, Wesleyans, and Society of Friends.
    The revenues of the Sekforde Charity, derived from an estate in Clerkenwell, London (comprising Sekforde street, Woodbridge street, Suffolk street, part of Aylesbury and St. John's streets), left by Thomas Sekforde in 1587, until 1861 were administered by the minister and churchwardens of Woodbridge, under the trustees (the Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas and the Master of the Rolls), and were applied towards the maintenance of 26 aged single men (with nurses) in the Sekforde almshouse in Woodbridge, but in 1861 the income of this estate being £3,173 2s., and the trustees having a sum of £20,500 invested in the Three per Cent. Consols, a new scheme for the management of the charity was settled by the Court of Chancery: by this scheme a local board was established to take the local management of the charity: the present trustees are the minister and two churchwardens of Woodbridge, the Rev. J. M. Rowley, minister of St. John's, F. G. Doughty, Rolla Rouse, of Melton. T. Alexander and H. Edwards, Esqrs., and the Rev. H.Taylor,of Woodbridge, J. G. Sheppard, Esq., of Campsey Ashe, and Lieut.-Colonel Schreiber and Charles Walford, Esq., of Melton: the objects of the charity were by this scheme extended to 13 aged single women or married couples to reside in the old almshouses, so called, because existing before the erection of the noble pile of buildings completed in 1840: provision was made in the above named scheme for a dispensary, for the purpose of affording medical advice and medicine to the inmates of the almshouses, and to such of the inhabitants of Woodbridge and the neighbourhood as shall be unable to pay for such advice and medicine, and shall not be in the receipt of parochial relief: the charity contributes £200 a year for the support of this institution: Mr. J. S. Gissing is consulting surgeon, and Mr. C. G. Marshall surgeon in ordinary and dispenser: the charity grants £200 per annum, apportioned by the governors, amongst the National, the Infants, and the British and Foreign schools in Woodbridge.
    WOODBRIDGE GRAMMAR SCHOOL. — This school was founded in 1662 by Robert Marryott, of Bredfield, Francis Burwell, of Sutton, Esqrs., and Dorothy Sekforde, of Sekforde Hall, in Great Bealings, widow, for the teaching of 10 poor boys, and the sons of all inhabitants of Woodbridge "not tyed to pay above 20s. per annum a piece:" the original endowment for head master was £25 per annum; afterwards a piece of meadow land was added to the endowment, known as Willard's Meadow; and in 1806 the capitation fee for town scholars, by order of the Court of Chancery, was made 15s. per quarter: from 1670 to 1688, under the mastership of the Rev. Philip Candler, the Woodbridge Grammar school stood the first school in the county of Suffolk, including amongst its scholars lads from the best families of the county: the school-house was beautifully situated, commanding a prospect of five miles' extent, including the river Deben : in 1861 the revenues of the school were but £38 per annum, with capitation fees, and the school-house in a dilapidated state; it was, therefore, proposed to incorporate the charity of Thomas Sekford with the charity of the Free Grammar school, and this was done by the scheme of 1861: the local trustees were empowered to rebuild upon the old site, or, deeming that insufficient, to select a new site for the erection of a school-room, with residence for the head master, and accommodation for 25 boarders: the new buildings have been raised upon a plot of ground nearly abutting upon the Bredfield road, and adjoining Willard's Meadow, the whole containing nearly five acres: the cost of erection, fittings, and laying out grounds amounted to nearly £5,000: the scheme directs that there shall always be a head and second master of the new school, who shall respectively be members of the Church of England, the head master a graduate of one of the English universities; the head master may receive £250 per annum from the funds of the charity, the second master £120: the instruction to be afforded "shall he in the principles of the Christian religion; the Latin, Greek, French, and German languages and literature; the principles of natural philosophy, and surveying, drawing, and designing; mathematics, algebra, arithmetic, general English literature and composition; sacred and profane history; geography, bookkeeping, and writing; and in such other subjects of instruction as to the local trustees may from time to time seem expedient, and so as to give the boys a sound, religious, moral, and liberal education:" the local trustees are to appoint from " the children of the deserving poor " 20 free scholars, who shall be taught free of expense, "but in common with the other boys at the school;" and all boys of the age of five years and upwards, being of good character (unless unfitted by infectious disorder or other sufficient cause), shall, to the extent and capacity of the school, be capable of admission thereto, and entitled to partake of all the benefits and advantages thereof, on payment of—boys under 10 years of age, 15s. per quarter; and of 10 years and upwards, 20s. per quarter: provision is further made, when the funds of the charity will permit, for four exhibitions of £50 each, to be held for four years, by youths who have been educated at the school, and these not restricted to the universities or colleges, but applicable fur the maintenance of the youths in any trade or calling. The present head master is the Rev. William Tate, M.A., late master of the Aldborough Grammar school, who was elected in 1865; the second master has not been appointed.
    There are a Mechanics' Institution, Savings Bank, and Custom House, and a Freemasons' Lodge, a lodge of Odd Fellows, and a Foresters' Court. Woodbridge gives name to the union in which it is situated, which comprises the following parishes:—Alderton, Alnesbourn Priory, Bawdsey, Boulge, Boyton, Bredfield, Brightwell, Bromeswell, Bucklesham, Burgh, CapelSt.Andrew, Charlsfield, Clopton, Culpho, Dallinghoo, Debach, Falkenham, Felixstow, Foxhall, Great Bealings, Grundisburgh, Hasketon, Hemley, Hollesley, Kesgrave, Kirton, Levington, Little Bealings, Martlesham, Melton, Nacton, Newbourn, Otley, Pettistree, Playford, Purdis Farm, Ramsholt, Rushmere, Shottisham, Stratton Hall Farm, Sutton, Trimley St. Martin, Trimley St. Mary, Tuddenham, Ufford, Waldringfield, Walton, Witnesham, and Woodbridge. Bernard Barton, the poet, resided here, and lies buried in the graveyard of the Friends' meeting house.
    The Cemetery, containing about 5 acres, situated on the south-west part of the town, was consecrated in 1856: it is tastefully laid out with shrubs and flowers and geometrical walks, and is an ornament to the town: there are two mortuary chapels erected in the Norman style, one for Dissenters, the other for Episcopalians: William Pattisson, Esq., was the architect.
    Woodbridge enjoys the comfort and benefits of railway communication with London through the medium of the Great Eastern line from Ipswich, and is united with the East Suffolk line from Halesworth on the Quay, where are a commodious station and goods warehouse, with other appropriate appurtenances.
    The population in 1861 was 4,513; the area is 1,059 acres.
    Parish Clerk, William George Chappell.

    Official Establishments, Local Instititions etc
    Postmaster—John Donald Munro.
    Letters arrive at 7 a.m. & 1 p.m.; dispatched to Ipswich, Colchester, London, Scole, Norwich, Saxmundham & Yarmouth at 12.15 & 10 p.m
    Accidental Death, William John Andrews, Church street; William W. Welton, Market hill; Reason Goodwyn,
    Alliance Fire, George Moor, Cumberland street
    Atlas, R. A. Reeve, Thoroughfare
    Caledonian Fire & Life, George Booth, Church street
    Clerical, Medical & General Life, John Betts, Thoroughfare; Richard D. Minter
    County Fire, I. J. Webster, Thoroughfare
    Counties' Hailstorm, Reason Goodwyn, Thoroughfare
    Crown Assurance, G. Moor, Cumberland street
    Eagle, John Loder, Thoroughfare
    General Life & Fire, John D. Munro, Church street
    Great Britain Mutual Life, William Arnott, Seckford street
    Liverpool & London 4/ Globe, Reason Goodwyn,Thoroughfare; J. Collins, New street; J. D. Jackson, St. John street
    London Assurance, William Causton, Cumberland street
    Mancliester Fire, Henry Pizey, Cumberland street
    Midland Counties, R. Goodwyn, Thoroughfare (bail only)
    North British & Mercantile, Benj. D. Gall, Thoroughfare
    Norwich Accidental, John Collins, New street
    Norwich Union, William W. Welton, Market hill; George P. Freeman, Market hill
    Pelican Life, J. W. Rouse, Church street
    Phoenix fire, Horace Neale, Thoroughfare
    Provident Life, I. J. Webster, Thoroughfare
    Queen, J. J. Brown, Thoroughfare
    Railway Passengers', F. Whisstock, Market hill
    Reliance Mutual Life, J. Wright, Church street
    Rock Life, C. C. Brooke, Chapel lane
    Royal, William J. Andrews, Church street
    Royal Exchange, G. E. Manby, Water Mill quay
    Royal Farmers' & General Fire, Life & Hail, H. Edwards, Thoroughfare
    Scottish National, J. Wright, Church street
    Scottish Union, Frederick Whisstock, Market bill
    Scottish Widows' Life, Henry Edwards, Thoroughfare
    Sovereign Life, William George Chappeli, Church street
    Standard, William W. Welton, Market hill
    Suffolk Alliance, George Moor, Cumberland street
    Sun Fire & Life, Benjamin Moulton, Thoroughfare
    United Kingdom Provident Institution Life, Frederick Whisstock, Market hill
    County Court, John Worlledge, esq. Ipswich, Robert Ashby Reeve, Thoroughfare, registrar; Goodwyn, assistant registrar; Edward Muskett, esq. South Lopham, high bailiff; Alfred Taylor, New street, sub-bailiff & broker
    Weekly meetings every thursday morning, at 11 o'clock, at the board room, New street
    Guardians & Chairmen, F. G. Doughty, esq.; Rev. H Taylor; H. Cobbold, esq
    Clerk to the Board, Benjamin Moulton
    Governor & Matron of the Workhouse at Nacton, Mr. k Mrs. Parker
    Chaplain, Rev. H. Canham
    Treasurers, Messrs. Alexanders' & Co
    Medical Officers, W. N. Walker, Alderton; R. Jones, Woodbridge; G. F. Meadows, Otley; John Rand, Walton;
    W. Mumford, Ipswich; W. H. Moore, Woodbridge; G. W. Toiler, Bucklesham; George Keer, Wickham Market,
    Relieving Officers, Wilford district, Mr. William Arnott; Carlford district, Mr. Henry Wright; Colneis district,
    Mr. William Seagon
    Registrars of Births & Deaths:—
    Superintendent Registrar, Benjamin Moulton
    Deputy Superintendent Registrar, H. W. Collins
    Registrar of Marriages for the Union, W. J. Andrews, Woodbridge; Woodbridge & Wilford Town District,
    William Arnott, Woodbridge; Woodbridge Out District, Isaac Kent, Dallinghoo; Carlford District, H.
    Wright, Little Bealings; Colneis District, William Seagon
    Custom House, Quay lane, Thomas Meredith Johnstone, esq. collector; Henry Fisher, examining officer etc
    Gas Works, Quay, Benjamin David Gall, secretary & manager; Frederick Whisstock, collecting agent
    Inland Revenue Office, Bull inn, Market place, Joseph Bolton, supervisor; Alfred Springer Peckham & John
    Price, officers
    Mechanics' Institute, Stephen Gravely, treasurer; Philip Braham, secretary
    Police Station, Edward Fitzgerald, chief superintendent
    Billet Matter, Alfred Taylor
    Clerks to the County Magistrates, to the Commissioners of Taxes, & to the Burial Board, John Richard Wood & George Moor, esqrs
    Commissioners for Taking Affidavits, George Moor, John R. Wood & Robert Ashby Reeve, esqrs
    Clerk to the Suffolk Asylum, & Secretary to the Mutual Benefit Society, Henry Pizey
    Commissioners for Taking Acknowledgments of Married Women, George Moor, John Richard Wood & Robert Ashby Reeve
    Coroner for the Liberty of St. Etheldreda, Cooper Charles Brooke, esq
    Distributor of Stamps for the Eastern Division of the County, & Granting Hawkers' Licenses, George Gall Inspector of Corn Returns, George Moor
    Inspector of Weights & Measures, Clerk of the Market, & Chief Superintendent of Police, Edward FitzGerald Relieving Officer, William Arnott
    Shipwrecked Seamen's Benevolent Society, H. Edwards, jun. & John Loder, stewards, & William Keeble, secretary
    Surveyor of Highways, William George Brydges
    Treasurer for the County Rate, George Moor, esq
    Vice Consul for Sweden & Norway, William Dowsing
    Free Grammar, Rev. William Tate, M.A. head master
    British, William G. Bannister, master; Mrs. Emma Abbott, mistress
    National, Anthony Tacchi, master; Miss Hannah Allured, mistress
    RAILWAY STATION. William Morris, station master
    FELIXSTOW & WALTON—Fulcher's omnibus on thursdays, from Swan inn
    ALDERTON and BAWDSEY—Wright, daily, with letters; Girling, from ' Lion,' monday, Wednesday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day
    BAWDSEY and ALDERTON—Ransby, from ' King's Arms,' tuesday, thursday, friday & Saturday, returning same day
    BEALINQS—Cotton, from ' Angel,' thursday 4c Saturday, returning same day
    BLAXIIALL— Knights, from ' Royal Oak,' monday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day
    BOYTON—Disbrey, from ' Royal Oak,' monday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day
    BRANDESTON—Pratt, from 'Anchor,' monday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day
    CAPEL ST. ANDREW—Walker.from ' King's Arms,'tuesday, thursday & friday, returning same day
    CHARSFIELD—Crawford, from 'Sun,' Saturday & Wednesday, returning same dav; Leach, from ' Cock & Pie,' tuesday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day ; Beck, from 'Royal Oak,' tuesday & friday, returning same day; Wright, from 'Anchor,' monday & thursday, returning same day
    DALLINGHOO—Grayston, from ' Anchor,' monday & thursday, returning same day
    EASTON—Pratt, from ‘Anchor,' monday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day
    FRAMSDEN—Flick, from ' Boat,' wed. returning same day
    GRUNDISRURGH—Cook, from 'Angel,' monday, Wednesday, thursday, friday, & Saturday, returning same day
    HAI.ESWORTH—Contes, from ' King's Arms,' monday & friday, returning tuesday & Saturday
    HOLLESI.EV—Broome, from ‘Boat,' thursday, returning same day; Birch, from 'Lion,' monday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day; Kemp.from ' Royal Oak,' thursday, returning same day
    HOLTESLEY- Clarke, from 'Lion,' monday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day
    IPSWICH—Harris, daily, thursday excepted; Rice, from 'Royal Oak,' daily; Grayston, daily
    KIRTON—Dunnett, from 'White Horse,' thursday, returning same day
    LEISTON—Jordan, from ' Bell,' thurs. returning same day
    MARLESPORD—Matten, from 'Sun,' Saturday, returning same day
    ORFORD—Fisk, from ' Royal Oak,' monday, Wednesday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day; Pend, from 'Lion,' monday, Wednesday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day; Allerton, from ' Lion,'monday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day
    SAXMUNDHAM—Rouse, from ' King's Arms,' tuesday & friday, returning Wednesday & Saturday
    SIIOTTISHAM—Kemp, from'' Royal Oak,' monday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day
    SNAPE—Knights, from ' Royal Oak,' monday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day
    STRADBROKE—Meen, from ' Lion,' monday 4c friday, returning tuesday 4c Saturday
    TUNSTALL—King, from 'Lion,' monday, thursday & Saturday, returning same day
    WICKHAM MARKET—Mayhew, from 'Lion,' daily, returning same day

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