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    Suffolk and Pub History in progress

    Suffolk and UK Pub History in progress

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    History of Suffolk - Saxmundham Commercial 1865

     Post Office Directory of 1865.

    Saxmundham in 1865


    For a considerable more detail and Suffolk Pubs, visit my other historical Pub sites, including Suffolk Villages & Towns


    Adamson George, stamp distributor & insurance agent
    Aldous Edward, blacksmith
    Alexander Robert, coach builder
    Ashford Isaac & James, cabinet makers &c
    Barker William, confectioner
    Barnes Robert, auctioneer & Insurance agent
    Beard Charles Oliver, plumber
    Berrett John, butcher
    Berrett Robert, cooper
    Bicker William, butcher
    Bloomfield Mrs. Martha, saddler
    Bloomfield John, bricklayer
    Brightly Thomas, printer, bookseller, stationer, newspaper & insurance agent &c
    Bugg George W. shoe maker
    Button William, farmer
    Carter George, carpenter & builder
    Cavell Alexander & Son, solicitors, & solicitors to the Saxmundham Permanent Loan Society
    Chapman Mark, carpenter
    Clarke James, clothes dealer
    Cousins William, basket maker
    Crane John, beer retailer
    Crowe Rachacl (Mrs.), Bell hotel
    Cunnell Alfred, tailor
    Cutting Chapman, carpenter
    Dale John Henry, dyer
    Dale Philip, hairdresser
    Day Thomas, tallow chandler
    Easter Henry, Queen's Head
    Fenton Miss L. butcher
    Flatman James, tin plate worker
    Flick Samuel, farmer
    Freeman & Rendle, surgeons
    Grover John, station master
    Gurneys' & Co. hankers (Samuel Flick, manager); draw on Barclay, Bevan & Co
    Harveys' & Hudsons', bankers (George Adamson, manager); draw on Barnetts', Hoares', Hanburys' & Lloyd
    Harvey James Mattless, grocer & draper
    Hayward Henry, plumber etc
    Hilling John, tailor & hatter
    Holmes John, beer retailer
    Hewlett Benjamin, plumber & glazier
    James Robert, watch maker
    Keable John, shoe maker
    Lincoln John, While Hart inn, & excise office
    Ling John M. surgeon
    Martin John, linen draper
    Mayhew Richard Lee, solicitor
    Mills Robert, baker
    Newman George, leather seller
    Newman Thomas, boot maker
    Newton Christopher, chemist & druggist
    Plant William, hay dealer
    Rackham George, tailor
    Reeve William, hair dresser
    Reynolds Robert, miller
    Robinson William, beer retailer
    Rous Emma Eliza (Mrs.), Coach & Horses
    Sayer Alfred, farmer
    Self Stephen, shopkeeper
    Sharland Thomas, grocer & draper
    Shimmen Alfred, wheelwright
    Smith John, chemist & druggist
    Smith Jonathan, veterinary surgeon
    Smy Ellzth. (Mrs.), boot & shoe warehouse
    Southwell Henry & James, solicitors
    Sparrow Henry, academy
    Stevens Jonathan, farmer
    Stopher William, auctioneer
    Stopher Martha (Miss), milliner & dress maker
    Style Elizabeth (Mrs.), postmistress
    Taylor John, parish clerk & tailor
    Thurlow Thomas, sculptor & stonemason, & superintendent of gas works
    Turner Charles, baker
    Upson Philip, fishmonger
    Waller Henry, porter & spirit merchant
    Watling Jonathan, hay dealer
    Webb Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper
    Wells William, ironmonger &c
    Welton Elizabeth (Mrs.), blacksmith
    Whaley Mary Ann (Mrs.), fruiterer
    Woods Robert Brightly, grocer & furniture broker
    Woodward Lewis, currier & leather seller
    Woolnough James, Angel inn
    Woolnough John, shoe make
    Wooltorton Jerome, watch maker

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