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History of Suffolk - Mildenhall Hamlets 1865

Post Office Directory of 1865.

Mildenhall & Commercial Traders in 1865

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Hamlets of Mildenhall Parish.
Claxton Rev. William Alfred [Baptist], West row
Edwards Frederick, esq. Burnt fen
Wing Mrs. Beck row


Andrews David, shoe maker, Beck row
Aves Adam, jun. market gardener & farmer, West row
Aves Adam, sen. farmer, West row
Aves Frederick, farmer, West row
Aves Henry, shopkeeper, West row
Aves William, farmer, West row
Bacon Henry, carpenter, West row
Benningfleld David, bailiff to Mr. A. Peachey, Beck row
Bovce John, farmer, Manor house, West row
Bradfield John, farmer, West Row fen
Brightwell John, farmer, Beck row
Brown Harris, farmer, West Row fen
Burgess James, cattle dealer, West row
Burgess Jane , day school, West row
Burgess John Roger, farmer, Burnt fen
Burgess John Saunders, farmer, Burnt fen
Burgess Roger, farmer, Beck row
Butcher Abraham jun.farmer,West row
Butcher Abraham .sen. farmer, West row
Butcher Henry, farmer, West row
Butcher Jacob, farmer, West row
Butcher Isaac, farmer, Weston ditch
Butcher James, farmer, Beck row
Butcher Pearmain, farmer. Fen
Butcher Richard, farmer, West row
Carpenter Charles, farmer, High post
Carpenter Thomas, farmer, Beck row
Carter Frederick, farmer, Burnt fen
Childerstone James, farmer, Wilde street
Childerstone Thos. farmer.Holywell row
Childerstone Wm. farmer,Holywell row
Clark Charles, carpenter, Beck row
Clark Edward, carpenter, West row
Clark Jonas, tailor, West row
Claxton Rev. William Alfred, boarding school, West row
Clements Richard, landowner & farmer, Wilde street
Clift James, farmer, Beck row
Clift Josiah, farmer, Beck row
Cockerton William, blacksmith & farmer, Beck row
Cole Joseph, farmer, Burnt fen
Cook Fuller, farmer, West row
Cook James, Royal Oak, & farmer, Beck row
Cowell Robert, farmer, West Row fen
Crick John, shopkeeper. West row
Curtis Charles, farmer, West row
Curtis Edward, fanner, West row
Curtis James, beer retailer & farmer, West row
Dennis John, farmer, Burnt fen
Diver Joseph, shoe maker, West row
Eagle James, pork butcher & farmer, Holywell row
Edwards Frederick, farmer, Burnt fen
Ellington Ann (Mrs.), market gardener, West row
Fincham Edward, shopkeeper & farmer, Beck row
Fincham John, shopkeeper, Beck row
Fincham Robert, farmer, Beck row
Flanders William, farmer, Burnt fen
Flatt John, farmer, West Row fen
Flatt Joseph, farmer, West Row fen
Fletcher Isaac, farmer, Beck row
Ford John & Abraham, blacksmiths, West row
Ford Jepthah Rumbelow, farrier, Beck row
Ford Jesse, blacksmith, West row
Ford Philip, blacksmith, Beck row
Ford William, farrier, Beck row
Frost James, fanner, West row
Fuller Robert, beer retailer. Beck row
Gayton Ann (Mrs.), Plough, & farmer, Burnt fen
Gittus Robert, farmer, West row
Godfrey Mary (Mrs.), Ferry, West row
Grindling James, wheelwright, Beck row
Gromett John, Bird in Hand, & farmer, Beck row
Halls Samuel, farmer & butcher, Beck row
Harding James, farmer, Undley common
Harding Jeremiah, farmer, Undley common
Harding John, farmer, Undley common
Haylock Abraham, bricklayer, Holywell row
Haylock Matthew, bricklayer, Holywell row
Haylock William, beer retailer & carpenter, Holywell row
Hensby William, farmer, Beck row
Hills Robert, farmer, Beck row
Hills S. larmer, West Row fen
Hinds Robert, grocer, draper &. hardwareman, & postmaster, West row
Hitch William, farmer, Holywell row
Horrex John, grocer & draper, Beck row
Jaggard Robert, cattle dealer & farmer, West row
Jaggard Thomas, cattle dealer, West row
Jest Ann (Mrs.), farmer, West row
Leonard Henry, farmer, Wilde street
Leonard John, wheelwright, Holywell row
Lofts Elijah, poulterer & beer retailer, Holywell row
Lofts John, farmer & sub-postmaster, Beck row
Luddington & Peacock, farmers, Burnt fen
Martin Charles William, blacksmith, West row
Martin Mark, shopkeeper, Beck row
MorleyHarry, market gardener. West row
Morley Isaac, tailor, West row
Morley Jacob, tailor & draper, West row
Morley Jacob, sen. farmer, West Row fen
Morley James, farmer, West row
Morley Joseph, farmer, West row
Morley Samuel, market gardener, West row
Newton William, blacksmith, West row
Palmer William, farmer, West row
Pamment James, farmer, Undley common
Pamment Nelson, wheelwright, West row
Pamment Thomas, farmer, west row
Parker Jacob, farmer, Beck row
Peachey Abraham, farmer, Kenney hill
Peachey Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer. Beck row
Peachey George, farmer, Beck row
Peachey Peter, shopkeeper, West row
Peachey Philip, carpenter, Beck row
Peachey Robert, White Horse, West row
Phillips John, wheelwright, West row
Phillips Thomas, farmer, Beck row
Phillips William, farmer, Beck row
Pratt James, farmer, Beck row
Reeve William, boot maker, West row
Rolfe James, farmer & landowner, West row
Rolfs John, market gardener, West row
Rolfe Lewis, market gardener & farmer, West row
Rolfe Samuel, market gardener, West row
Rumbelow Joseph, shopkeeper,West row
Rutterford John, grease mnfr. Beck row
Seaber John, jun. farmer, Burnt fen
Seaber John, sen. farmer, Burnt fen
Seaber William George, farmer & landowner, Granite cottage, West row
Shackel Sarah (), Plough, West row
Tuck John, farmer, Burnt fen
Warren John, boot maker, West row
Watts George, boot maker, Beck row
Webb John, farmer, Aspal hall, Holywell row
Webb Robert, shopkeeper, Beck row
Wing Cubit, farmer, Beck row
Wing George, farmer & landowner, Beck Row lodge, Beck row
Wing James, farmer, Wilde street
Youngman Chas.Fox, farmer, West row

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