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History of Suffolk - Lowestoft 1865

Post Office Directory of 1865. & Residents & Commercial Traders.

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LOWESTOFT is a parish, market and post town, seaport, railway and packet station, polling place for East Suffolk, and the seat of an extensive fishery, in the incorporation and hundred of Mutford and Lothingland, rural deanery of Lothingland, archdeaconry of Suffolk, and diocese of Norwich, East Suffolk, 113 miles from London by road, 116 by rail via Ipswich and East Suffolk branch, and 149 ½ by rail via Norwich, 10 south from Yarmouth, 23 ¼ south-east from Norwich, 10 ½ east from Beccles, and 44 north-east from Ipswich. It stands upon the most easterly point of land in England, on a lofty eminence, commanding an extensive view of the German Ocean. The principal street is about a mile in length; it is well paved, and lighted with gas. The declivity of the cliff is covered with hanging gardens or terraces covered with trees and shrubs, and between these and the sea is a tract of land, locally denominated The Denes, on which is an extensive line of buildings, appropriated to the curing of fish. Lowestoft is much frequented as a sea-bathing place, having bathing machines and warm baths, and the shore being composed of a hard, firm sand, intermixed with shingle. There are handsome Assembly-rooms, a public library, a mechanics' institute, and gas and water works. The Mutford and Lothingland General Dispensary and Infirmary is in Lowestoft. The market is on Wednesday, and annual fairs are held on May 13th and October 11th for small wares. The chief source of commerce is the herring fishery, which begins about a fortnight before Michaelmas, and lasts till Martinmas: before the commencement of the herring season, many of the fishermen are employed in the mackerel fishery. The fish market is an extensive range of buildings adjoining the harbour, where the fish are landed and sold by auction, whence they are dispatched to the curing houses in the neighbourhood, and to London and other parts per railway. The manufactures consist of rope, twine, oilcake, sailmaking, boat and shipbuilding, and there are large oil and flour mills. This town being part of the ancient demesne of the Crown the inhabitants are exempted from serving on juries, either at the assizes or sessions. Petty sessions are held every Wednesday at the Assembly-rooms, which are also used for the county courts and as a corn market.
The county court of Lowestoft comprises the following parishes:—Ashby, Barnby, Blundeston, Carlton Colvile,
Corton, Flixton, Gisleham, Gunton, Herringfleet, Kessingland, Kirkley, Lound, Lowestoft, Mutford, Oulton, Pakefield, Rushmere, and Somerleyton.
The church of St. Margaret is situated half a mile westward of the town, and is much admired for its antiquity and beauty: the height of the square tower and spire is 120 feet: the interior consists of a nave, north and south aisles, and chancel, and contains many ancient mural tablets. The register, which is in excellent preservation, is dated 1650; bound in it is also a complete register of the vicars of this parish from 1308 to the present time. The living is a vicarage, valued at £350 per annum, with residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Norwich, and held by the Rev. Charles Hebert, M.A., of Trinity College, Cambridge.
A chapel of ease, named St. Peter's, was built near the old market a few years back, partly by subscription and the sale of pews, and assisted by the Society for Building and Enlarging Churches.
The church of St. John, standing on the south side of the harbour, is a handsome cruciform structure, built in 1853, at a cost of £5,600, in the Gothic style of architecture: it has nave, transept, and chancel, with a square tower and spire. The living is a perpetual curacy, valued at £300 per annum, including pew rents, with a neat parsonage adjoining, in the gift of trustees, and held by the Rev. Matthias Henry Beaumont, M.A., of St. Catherine's College, Cambridge.
Here are two foundation schools, Annott's and Wilde's ; a British school, a National school, a Free school, and an Infant school, and Sunday schools belonging to the Church establishment and every denomination of Dissenters, with chapels for the Baptists, Independents, Wesleyans, and Primitive Methodists.
There are a number of ancient charities here, and one established a few years since, namely, six almshouses, built for six of the poorest master fishermen of Lowestoft, and who partake of the charities alluded to.
The Great Eastern Railway has one of its termini here, close to the harbour.
The progress of this place since the formation of the harbour and railway has been very rapid; from a dull fishing station it has become a busy, thriving town. Further impetus has been given to the trade of the town by the East Suffolk Railway, a new line, which connects it with the Great Eastern Railway at Ipswich, and forms a much shorter route to London.
The harbour is formed by two piers, one on the north 600 yards in length, that on the south 400 yards: at the extremity of each pier is a lighthouse, showing a red light from sundown to sunrise: the south pier is defended by a parapet, and boarded for a promenade: both piers are formed by massive timbers braced together longitudinally, and filled with blocks of stone; the outer surface is faced with dressed masonry: the inner harbour consists of a piece of water two miles in length, which communicates with the river Waveney, by which merchandise can be conveyed to Beccles and Norwich, of which Lowestoft is the outport. It is now an independent port, and a customhouse has been established. It has been of the greatest benefit to the coasting trade as a harbour of refuge, many lives and much property having been saved which otherwise would have been swallowed up in the waters of the German Ocean.
Contiguous to the harbour and railway is the new town of South Lowestoft, which is partly in the parish of Kirkley, in which, standing within a few yards of the beach, is the Royal Hotel, metropolitan in its size and appointments, affording first class accommodation to visitors. The Esplanade, with its long row of handsome semi-detached houses, commanding a fine view of the sea, and the Marine Parade, with its neat villa residences, are fitted for families of distinction; many are retained by county families for summer occupation. The Esplanade, 800 yards in length, and the South Pier, which it joins, form a promenade unequalled in extent and beauty on the eastern coast. On a point of land, a little to the north of the town, is the Upper Lighthouse, a circular tower, erected in 1676, and partly rebuilt by order of the Brethren of the Trinity House in 1778. On The Denes stands the Low Lighthouse, erected of wood, which can be removed at pleasure to meet the changes which are continually occurring in the situation of the sands. The population in 1861 was 9,534, and the area is 1,685 acres.
Pariah Clerk, J. James.
Official Establishments, Local Institutions, &c
Postmaster—Thomas Pratt, 139 High street.
Letters arrive from London, Brandon, Ely, Cambridge, Norwich, Thetford & Yarmouth at 5 a.m. & 3 p.m. & are dispatched at 10.50 a.m. & 8 p.m. Box closes at 10.30 a.m. & 7.25 p.m
Letters arrive from Attleborough, Bury, Lynn, Soham, Wisbech & Wymondham at 5 a.m. & are dispatched at 8 p.m
Letters arrive from Ipswich at 6.50 a.m. & are dispatched at 6.40 p.m
Letters dispatched to Cambridge, Norwich & Yarmouth at 5 a.m. & 6.40 p.m. & 6.50 a.m
Money orders are granted & paid from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. & from 4 to 5 p.m
SAVINGS BANK. — Benjamin M. Bradbeer, postmaster, 1 Commercial road. London & other letters are dispatched at 7 p.m
Money orders are granted & paid at this office from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m
Atlas Fire&t Life, W. T. Lindsay, 62 High street; Robert Johnson, Commercial road
British Mutual Life, Josiah Barnes
Briton Life, W. T. Chambers, 65 London load; A. Stebbings, 56 High street
Briton Medical & General Life, J. W. Tubbs, 7 Prospect place
City, W. Simpson, 86 High street
County Fire & Provident Life, W.V. Barnard, 3 London rd
Crown, A. Gowing, 41 Nelson street
General Life & Fire, Thomas Pratt, 139 High street
Great Briton Mutual Life, J. Jones Pryce, 27 High street
Imperial Fire, William Robson Archer, London road
Imperial Life, W. R. Archer, London road
Law Union Fire & Life, William Chater, 2 London road
Life Association of Scotland, P. H. Sanders, National Provincial Bank
Liverpool & London & Globe Fire & Life, T. S. Allerton, 35 London road; W. H. Chambers, 65 London road; T. Ling, jun. Duke street
London, Robert Brewster, 115 High street
Manchester Fire, J. Chapman, 9 London road
Norwich Equitable Fire & Life, G. Glover, London road
Norwich & London Accident, J. W. Tubbs, 7 Prospect place
Norwich Union Fire & Life, W. R. Seago, 148 High street; George Bean; William Woods, Mutford bridge Pelican Life, George Cooper, 5 Prospect place. St. Peter's rd
Phoenix Fire, William Spaull & G. H. Cooper
Reliance Mutual Life, 8. Tymms, 60 High street
Rock Life, R. Morris, 59 High street
Royal Fire & Life, Thomas Small, 1 Harbour villas; T. H. Sanders (fire only), National Provincial Bank of England
Scottish National, William Bedwell, 15 & 16 Wellington esplanade
Sovereign Life, W. B. Palmer, 126 High street; J. Breame & Son, South quay
Standard, Joseph Chapman, 9 London road
Star Life, J. Jones Pryce, 27 High street
Suffolk Alliance Fire & Life, S. Tymms, 60 High street
Sun Fire & Life, R. H. Reeve, 48 High street
Western Fire & Life, W. Chater, 2 London road
Westminster Fire&t Life, B.M. Bradbeer, 1 &2 Commercial road
International Shipowners' Protection Association, J. Rounce, 7 Commercial road
Assembly Rooms & Corn Exchange, 20 Crown street
County Court Office, 2 London road, John Worlledge, esq. judge; William Chater, registrar; William Thomas Balls, bailiff
Police Station, London road, Capt. Peter Alizs, deputy chief constable
Inland Revenue Office, Crown Inn, High street
Stamp Office, High street, Robert Morris, sub-distributor
Town Hall, 154 High street
Electric & International Telegraph Co. Thomas F. Willings, clerk in charge, Harbour
Mechanics' Institute, Town hall, High street, Michael Hinde, secretary; William Spaull, librarian
Mutford & Lothtngland General Infirmary, R. H. Reeve, esq. secretary; Captain Joachim, R.N. treasurer; W. C. Worthington, esq. senior surgeon; J. Prentice & F. S. Worthington, assistant surgeon; Mrs. Maria Gwyford Cox, matron
Lifeboat Station, South Beach
Public Reading Room, 80 High street, William Arthy, librarian
Suffolk Humane Society, Earl Stradbroke, president;
Richard Henry Reeve, esq. secretary; H. S. Davey, W. C. Worthington, & J. Prentice, medical assistants Preventive Service Station, Battery, South end; John Symons, R.N. commander, & 12 men
High Lighthouse, High street, George Page & George Tuff, keepers
Low Lighthouse, Beach, William Moss, keener
Custom House, near the Harbour, John Robertson, esq. collector & receiver of wrecks
Shipwrecked Mariners' Society, William R. Seago & William Cole, esqrs. hon, agents; Mr. W. S. Johnson,
Superintendent Registrar of the Mutford & Lothingland Incorporation, Richard Henry Reeve, 47 High street Clerk to the Magistrates, to the Commissioners of Taxes, & to the Lowestoft Improvement Commissioners, Richard Henry Reeve, 47 High street
Clerk to the Guardians of the Incorporation of Mutford & Lothingland, Thomas S. Allerton, 35 London road Harbour Master, Captain William Rivers; deputy, R.W. Massingham; office, Harbour
Collector of Poor Bates, G. H. Cooper, 5 Prospect place
Collector of Harbour Dues, Charles Tilmouth
Inspector of Weights& Measures, William Cook
Inspector of Nuisances, George Pilling
Registrar of Births & Deaths for the Lowestoft & Mutford District, W. O. Chambers, 65 London road
Deputy Registrar of Births& Deaths, T. S. Allerton, 35 London road
Registrar of Marriages for the Mutford & Lothingland District, A. Crisp, High street
Relieving Officer, John Hewett, Prospect place
France, Spain & Mecklenburgh, Thomas Small, 1 Harbour villas, London road
Foreign Passport Agent & Danish Vice-Consul, Benjamin M. Bradbeer, 1 & 2 Commercial road
Austria, Sardinia & the Two Sicilies, Greece & the Ottman Empire, M. Butcher & Sons
Sweden & Norway, George S. Cowing
Prussia & the Netherlands, J. Rounce, 7 Commercial road
Lowestoft Reporter published every friday by John Chapman, 100 High street
St. Margaret's, Rev. Charles Hebert, M.A. vicar; Rev. Abdiel Hanham, T.A. curate
St. John's, near the Harbour, Rev. M. H. Beaumont, M.A. incumbent; Rev. Arthur Cornford, curate
St. Peter's, St. Peter's road, Rev. Charles Hebert, M.A. minister
Baptist, London road, Rev. James Baker Blackmore, min
Baptist, Tinning street, Rev. — Markwell, minister
Independent, London road, Rev. David J. Evans, minister
Primitive Methodist, South Beach, ministers various
Sailors' Bethel, Commercial road, William Johnson, minister
Wesleyan, High street, Rev. John Locke, minister
Wesleyan, Meeting House lane, ministers various
United Methodist Free Church, High street, Rev. J. Woolner, minister /
Annott's Foundation, School score, John Salmon, master
British, London road, Michael Hinde, master
National, Scarll score, Miss Phillis Elwin Nicholls, mistress
Infant, 175 High street, Miss Kelly, mistress
Wilde's Foundation, School score, William Arthy, master
St. John's National, London road south, William Collins, master; Miss Lucy Kesson, mistress; Miss Ellen Mitcham, infants' mistress
Infant, Hervey street, Mrs. Mitcham, mistress
Royal hotel. Harbour, Samuel Howell
Crown hotel, 150 High street, James Heseltine
Great Eastern, Terminus, Denmark road, Philip Wright Kendall, station master
SOUTHWOLD.—William Goldsmith (coach) from Suffolk hotel, monday, Wednesday & Saturday evenings during the summer months
YARMOUTH.—Fisk (omnibus),from Suffolk hotel, at 9 a.m. calling at the Crown & Queen's Head hotel, returning from Barge inn, Yarmouth, at 5 p.m. (Sundays excepted); Martin's, from Suffolk hotel, at 4,30 daily (Saturdays & Sundays excepted)
BECCLES & NORWICH—Henry Bulwer, from 'Blue Anchor,' Duke's Head street, monday, Wednesday, thursday & Saturday
HALESWORTH—James Newson, from Blue Anchor, every tuesday & Saturday
SOUTHWOLD—Goldsmith, from Suffolk hotel, daily (Sundays excepted); Newson, from 'Blue Anchor,'every Monday & friday
YARMOUTH—James Newson, from Southwold, parses through, monday & friday, from 'Blue Anchor,' Duke's Head street

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