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History of Suffolk - Lowestoft residents in 1865

Post Office Directory of 1865.

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Adams Mrs. Albert place, London road
Archer William Robson, esq. London rd
Balls Mr. James, 9 High street
Balls Mr. James G. jun. G Marine terrace
Barnard Miss, 43 London road
Barnard William Vince, 2 London road
Bnssctt Frederick John, esq. 3 Wellington esplanade
Beaumont Rev. Matthias Henry, M.A. St. John's parsonage
BedingBeld Capt. Philip, j.P. 49 Marine parade
Blackmore Rev. James Baker[Baptist], London road
Booth Miss, 10 Marine terrace
Braine Mr. Robert, 2 St. Peter street
Breame Mr. James, 26 Marine parade
Chambers Wm. Henry, esq. 11 Marine parade
ChambersW. Oldham, esq.31 London road
Chandler Mrs. 155 High street
Chater William, esq. 2 London road
Clarke Mr. Robert Cullum, Hope cottage, Albert street
Clements Mr. John, 14 Marine parade
Cleveland Miss, Nor mans tow
Cleveland Mrs. London road
Clissold Rev. Edward, 4 Esplanade
Clubbe Win. Henchman, esq. London rd
Coates Miss, 45 Nelson street
Cole Mr. William, 27 Marine parade
Colman Mrs. 8 Marine parade
Coombs Mr. Elisha, Stonewall villa
Crowe Thomas, esq. 7 Nelson street
Dalton Mr. Charles, High street
Denniss Mrs. 43 Marine parade
Devereux Mr. Thomas, Huston lodge
Dutt Mr. Henry, 8 Marine terrace
Evans Rev. David James [lndependent], 2 Nelson street
Everard Miss, 9 Marine terrace
Fisher Mr. James, Ivy ho. London road
Foster Sampson, esq. 13 Wellington esplanade
French Mrs. C Denmark road
Fuller Mr. Horatio, 104 High street
Garnbam William Woolner, esq. 15 Marine parade
Garwood Miss, Marine lodge
Glasspoole Miss, 140 High street
Glover George, esq. 20 Marine parade
Gowing Mr. Augustus, 41 Nelson st
Gowing George Sead,esq.32 High street
Gowing James Warden,esq. 21 Nelson st
Gurney John 19 Esplanade
Hanham Rev. Abdiel, T.A. [curate], 38 High street
Heard Mrs. Prospect place
Hebert Rev. Charles, M.A. [vicar], London road
Hedge Mrs. 18 High street
Jeffery Edward, esq. 9 Denmark road
Joachim Capt. Ricbd. R.N. London road
Johnson Mr. Robert, Elm lodge, Denmark road
Johnson William [Sailors' missionary], 10 Commercial road
Joyce Miss, Nelson street
Julian Miss, 2 Prairie
Leathes Edward, esq. Normanston house
Leathes Mrs. 18 Esplanade
Lee Rev.Roger,24 Wellington esplanade
Leggett Mrs. 50 London road
Lincoln Mrs. 143 High street
Ling Mrs. London road
Locke Rev. John [Wesleyan], 22 Nelson street
Lucas Thomas, esq. D.L. 15 Esplanade
Marshall Rev. Edward Duglas, 18 Marine parade
Masterson Miss, 66 London road
Matcham Alfred Keyler, M.D. 42 London road
Mercer Mr. James, 11 Denmark road
Moore Mrs. 45 Marine parade
Morse Mr. Frederick, Nelson street
Myhill Miss, 28 High street
Norris Rev. George Montgomery, M.A. 12 Denmark road
Osborn Mrs. 08 London road
Pain M r. Thomas, 3 Marine terrace
Palmer Nathaniel, esq. 23 Wellington esplanade
Park Miss, 67 London road
Peacock Mr. Frederick, 2 Alma terrace, Denmark road
Peto James, esq. J.P. 17 Esplanade
Pocock Miss, 21 Marine parade
Poll Mr. Wm. Boal cotg. Denmark road
Poole Mr. Hugh, 3 Elizabeth terrace, London road
Pratt Mrs. 45 London road
Prentice John, esq. 177 High street
Preston Capt. Thouus, R.N. 1 High street
Rawlinson Mrs. 47 Marine parade
Ray James, esq. 55 High street
Reeve Mrs. 3 High street
Reeve Richard Henry, esq. 6 Esplanade
Robertson Mr. John, 23 Marine parade
Roddam Mrs. The Grove
Rounce Mr. John, 7 Denmark road
Rumps Miss, 14 Esplanade
Salter Miss, 35 High street
Scarle Mrs. London road
Seago Wm. Rix, esq. 16 Nelson street
Smith Lady, 49 High street
Smyth Mrs. 43 Nelson street
Staff Mrs. London road
Stenford Mrs. 47 London road
Sterry Mr. John, 1 Nelson street
Steward Charles, esq. 3 Esplanade
Steward Mr. Thomas, 50 Marine parade
Tabor Mrs. Morton house, London road
Till Richard, esq. London road
Tripp Mr. Robert, 124 High street
Tyrwhitt Sir Henry, bart. 4 High street
Vooght Mr. Wm. 26 St. Peter's street
Waudington Henry S. esq. J.P. 19 Esplanade
Ward Mrs. 40 St. Peter's street
Ware Mr. Robert, 17 Nelson street
Watson Richard, esq. 4 Marine parade
Watts Alfred Augustus, esq. London road
Wesley Mr. Hercules, 52 London road
Whewell Rev. Wm. D.D. Cliff cottage
Wodchouse Rev. Charles Nurse, 15 Nelson street
Woodhouse Miss, 5 Marine terrace
Woods Mr. Henry G. Rose cottage
Woods William, esq. 62 High street
Woods Mr. William, Nelson street
Woods Mr. Win. Jones, 16 Denmark rd
Worthington Francis Samuel, esq. London road
Worthington Wm. C. esq. London road
Youngman Mr. William, 64 High street

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