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History of Suffolk - Halesworth residents 1865

Post Office Directory of 1865.


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Allcock Miss, Quay terrace
Apthorp Mr. Alfred, Pound street
Atthill Mrs. Bridge street
Baas Robert, esq. Market place
Baas Robert Beales, esq. Market place
Babington Francis Evans, esq. South lodge
Baker Mrs. Pound street
Bedwell Mr. John, Market place
Browne Mrs. Pound street
Brydges Misses, Rectory street
Burleigh Robert William, esq. Bridge st
Chapman Mrs. London road
Chapman Mrs. Ann, Thoroughfare
Chapman William Stanton, esq. Thoroughfare
Clarke Mrs. Pound street
Crabtree John, esq. Thoroughfare
Crabtree Miss, Bungay road
Cross Fredcric,esq. Highfieid, London rd
Cross Mr. James, Quay street
Cross Mr. John, Quay street
Cutts Mr. James, Pound street
Douglas Mrs. London road
Ebbage Mrs. Quay terrace
Ebbage Mr. William, Laurel house
Elwortby Mrs. Quay terrace
Gale Mr. William, Bungay road
Garrard Mrs. London road
Garrould Rev. William John, B.A. [curate], Rectory lane
George Mr. Thompson, Pound street
Greengrass Mr. William, Pound street
Gunter Mr. Thomns Pound street
Hadingham Mr. William, Pound street
Harris James Smith, esq. M.R.C.S. Market place
Haward Frederick, esq. M.R.C.S., L.A.C. Quay street
Haxell Miss, Rectory lane
Headly Mr. Edwin, London road
James Mr. Henry, Quay terrace
Jones Mr. Benjamin, Alexander terrace, London road
Lunniss Mr. William, Quay street
Matchett Rev. Abraham [curate], Thoroughfare
Mills Mr. William, Quay terrace
More Mrs. Bungay road
Page Mr. Thomas, I.ondon road
Parslee Mr. Frederick Burrell, Bank house. Thoroughfare
Partridge Mr. Charles, London road
Prime Mr. Edward, Bungay road
Prime Mrs. Chapel terrace
Read John, esq. Bungay road
Reeve Miss, Quay terrace
Rogers W m. Frederck .esq.Thorough fare
Scraggs Mrs. Bungay road
Smith Mr. Robert, jun. London road
Spillings Miss, Quay terrace
Stanton Rev.Vincent John, M.A.Rectory
Taylor Mrs. Thoroughfare
Tippell Mrs. Rectory lane
Waller Mr. Josiah John, Quay street
Woollard Capt. Edgar, Mill hill
Young Arthur James, esq. Market place

The historical trade directory and census listing of all of London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire Oxfordshire, and Dorset. If you are searching for a historical address, try the census and street directory database. This is a Victorian view on the streets of london and the south of England.

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