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History of Suffolk - Halesworth Commercial Traders 1865

Post Office Directory of 1865.


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Aldred William Henry, linen & woollen draper & silk mercer, Market place
Aldred William Henry, wholesale & family grocer, tea dealer, provision merchant & candle manufacturer, Market place
Alfrey Lucy (Miss), berlin & fancy repository, Thoroughfare
Andrews Henry Hart, linen draper & grocer, Bridge street
Archer Maria (Mrs.), pork butcher, Quay street
Archer William, beer retailer & butcher, Chediston street
Ayers Robert, mill bill maker, Pound street
Baas Robert Beales, solicitor, & registrar of the county court, clerk to the trustees of Ipswich turnpike & commissioners of the river Blyth & secretary of the savings bank & to the Agricultural Fire Association, Market place
Baker , carpenter & joiner, Bungay road
Baker Mary Ann (Miss), milliner & dress maker. Pound st
Baker Robert, baker, flour dir. & corn merebnt. Chediston st
Baker William, baker & confectioner, Chediston street
Balls Mary (Mrs.), Hawk, Bridge street
Balls Robert, stone & marble mason, Pound street
Barber Robert, farmer, Quay terrace
Barham Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, Wissett road
Barham Maria (Mrs.), carrier, Wissett road
Barham Robert, boot & shoe maker, Wissett road
Bedwell John, jun. assistant overseer, & collector of poor
rates & income & property tax, Vine cottage, Bungay road
Bird Raphael (Mrs.),lodging house, Marketplace
Bloomfield Joseph, beer & wine retailer, Bungay road
Bond Henry, Queen's Head, & tea dealer, Chediston street
Boniwell William, toy denier & trunk maker, & servants' registry office, Thoroughfare
Bothani James, tailor, Chapel terrace
Boyce William, plumber, painter & glazier, Pound street
Branch Thomas, Ship, & stone mason, Bridge street
Briton Caroline (Mrs.), laundress, Church lane
Brown Samuel, grocer, cheesemonger & draper, Quay street
Bryant Chas. collecter of tolls on the river Blyth, Quay ter
Duller James, pump maker, Walpole road
Buller William, basket & sieve maker, Pound street & Sheffield & bar
Burgess Nathaniel, general ironmonger, iron warehouse, Thoroughfare
Burleigh Robert William, maltster, corn, coal, hop, oil coke & general merchant, & agent for Messrs. Truman, Hanburv, Buxton & Co.'s porter & stout, Bridge street
Butler Jemima (Mrs.), confectioner, Thoroughfare
Butler William, tailor, Thoroughfare
Calver James, marine store dealer, Chediston street
Canova Peter, watch & clock maker & jeweller, Thoroughfare
Carliell William, coal merchant, Thoroughfare
Catlin Samuel, farmer, Walpole road
Catlin William, farmer, Bungay road
ChambersWillism, White Hart, & blacksmith.Thoroughfare
Chappell William, plumber, painter & decorator, Rectory la
Chase George William, draper, hosier, silk mercer & clothier, Thoroughfare
Chilvers Ambrose, grocer & draper, Chediston street
Chilvers Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, Market place
Chilvers William, musical instrument maker & tuner, Chediston street
Chilvers William Curtis, accountant, & registrar of the county court, & agent to the London & County Building, Land, Advance & Investment Company (limited), Alexandra terrace, London road
Chipperfield Nathan, King's Head, Quay street Clark Henry, miller, Broadway
Clark Jobn, corn chandler & coal merchant, Chediston st
Clarke George, plumber, painter & glazier, Thoroughfare
Clarke John, tinman & brazier, Thproughfare
Clarke Rebecca (Mrs.), dress maker, Pound street
Coates John, carrier, Chediston street
Coles Martha (Mrs.), earthenware dealer
Collett George, cabinet maker & upholsterer, Thoroughfare
Collet t James, butcher, Chediston street
Collings William, Black Bugle, & wheelwright & machinist, Chediston street
Collins Thomas, cool dealer, Chediston street
Cornish Henry, boot & shoe maker, Pound street
Cornish Joshua, blacksmith & machine maker, Quay street
Cowles Charles, boot & shoe maker, Market place
Crabtree (John) & Cross (Frederic), solicitors, & clerks to the magistrates & commissioners of taxes, Thoroughfare
Crisp William, saddler & harness maker, Thoroughfare
Croft Charles Winter, grocer, Bridge street
Croft Daniel, furniture broker, wardrobe dealer & shopkeeper, Market place & Chediston street
Croft George, hair dresser, Quay street
Cullenford James, gardener, Rectory lane
Cullingford Amy (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, Chediston st
Culliugford Titus, boot & shoe maker, Bungay road
Cullingford William, boot & shoe maker, Chediston street
Day John, printer, bookbinder, bookseller, stationer, news agent, fancy repository, & china, glass & Staffordshire warehouse & advertising office, Quay street
Dennison David, confectioner, Pound street
Downes William, teacher of music & dancing, & organist of St. Mary's, Quay terrace
Edwards John, beer retailer, Pound street
Elworthy Harriett (Miss), ladies' school, Quay terrace
Etheridge William, baker, Market place
Farrington Robert, grocer & draper, Thoroughfare
Farrow John, boot & shoe maker, Bungay road
Farrow Joseph, timber merchant, The Quay, & at Bungay
Farrow William, beer retailer, Chediston street
Fisk Sarah (Mrs.), earthenware dealer, Thoroughfare
Foreman John, grocer, & sub-distributor of stamps, Thoroughfare
Forman James, butcher & farmer, Bridge street
Freeman George Philip, auctioneer, valuer & estate agent, Angel yard, & at Wangford & Woodbridge
Freston George, beer retailer & cattle dealer, Chediston street
Gale William Pickin, book & music seller, stationer, binder, & copperplate printer, general newspaper & advertising agent, fancy repository & patent medicine warehouse, & agent for Horniman's teas, Thoroughfare Garrod Susannah (Mrs.), laundress, Church lane
Garrod William, secretary to the Gas Company, London road
Garrould George, boot & shoe maker, Chediston street
George, Stanford & Hulden, brewers, wine & spirit merchants, & dealers in london stout, burton, scotch & pale ales, Halesworth brewery, Market place
George Thompson, brewer, maltster, & spirit, corn, coal & lime merchant, & dealer in london porter & stout, burton, scotch & pale ales, Angel yard & Halesworth brewery
George William, farmer, Cookley White house
Gipson Eliza (Mrs.), dress maker, Chediston street
Gipson William, beer retailer & brewer, Rectory lane
Gipson William, carpenter, Chediston street
Girdlestone Owen, whitesmith, Pound street
Girling Sarah (Miss), laundress, Mill hill
Gooch John, marine store, & earthenware & general dealer, Chediston street
Gooda Charlotte (Miss), dress maker, Bridge street
Goodwin Philip, glove maker, Chediston street
Gostling John Henry, chemist, Market place
Gray Caroline (Miss), dress maker, Market place
Great Eastern Parcel Delivery Office (George Newman, agent); office, Angel yard. Thoroughfare
Green Lucy (Mrs.), boot & shoe maker, Market place
Griffiths Ellen (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, Pound street
Gurneys & Co. bankers (Francis Evans Babington, agent), Thoroughfare; draw on Barclay, Bevan & Co. London Hadingham Stephen Wells, miller & corn merchant, Halesworth mills
Halesworth Burial Board Office (John Read, clerk), Thoroughfare
Halesworth Gas & Coke Company (William Garrod, sec), Gas works, Wissett road
Halesworth Mechanics' Institute, Quay street
Halesworth Savings Bank (Thomas Brightwen, esq. treasurer; Robert Beales Baas, esq. secretary; Mr. Frederick Burrell Parslee, auditor; Mr. James Tippell, clerk), Quay street. Open the last Wednesday in every month from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m
Halesworth Times (William Pickin Gale, proprietor & publisher; published on tuesdays), ' Halesworth Times' office, Thoroughfare Harris James Smith, M.R.C.S. surgeon, Market place Harveys' & Hudsons', bankers & Crown bank), (William Frederick Rogers, agent), Thoroughfare; draw on Barnetts', Hoares, Hanburys' & Lloyd, London
Harvey Joseph Benjamin, classical, mathematical & commercial academy, The Castle Hawnrd Frederick, M.R.C.S., L.A.C. surgeon, & medical officer for the second Halesworth district of Blything union, Quay street Haward John, currier & leather seller, Thoroughfare
Headly Edwin, iron founder & agricultural implement maker, Iron works, Thoroughfare
Hellen Robert, beer retailer & pork butcher, Chediston st
Hill Jemima (Miss), dress maker, Angel yard
Hill Jemima (Mrs.), gardener & dealer in seeds, Angel yard
Howard Betsy (Miss), shopkeeper, Pound street
Howard Emily (Mrs.), greengrocer
Howlett Horace, carpenter, Broadway
Howlett Mary Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, Broadway
Howorth John, beer retailer, & carpenter, joiner & wheelwright, Bungay road
Hugman Robert Nicholas, boot & shoe maker, Chediston st
Ives Walter Henry, currier & leather merchant, Bridge st
Jarmy John, smith & ironmonger, Chediston street
Jarmy William, tailor & draper, Bridge street
Johnson Hezekiah, chimney sweeper, Chediston street
Johnson William, chimney sweeper, Chediston street
Keable Francis, carpenter, Mill hill
Kemp Samuel, butcher, & servants'registry office, Bridge st
Kent Thomas, beer retailer & cooper, Quay street
Kerridge John, tailor, Chediston street
Kew George Charles, station master & goods manager, Railway station, Bungay road
London John Farley, hatter & hosier, Thoroughfare
Long Alfred, inland revenue officer, Mill hill
Long Amelia (Miss), seminary for young ladies, Mill hill
Mannall Emily Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, Thoroughfare
Mannall John, academy, Thoroughfare
Markham William, boot & shoe maker, Bungay road
Marshall John, supervisor of inland revenue, Alexandra terrace, London road
Mays Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, Bungay road
Miller George, drill sergeant & instructor of the 7th Suffolk V.R.C. Bungay road
Miller J as. town crier, bill poster & hair cutter, Chediston rd
Mills Isaac, Swan, & hay dealer, Pound street
Moore Francis & Co. grocers & drapers, Market place
Muttitt William, shopkeeper, Pound street
Neeve Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner, Chediston street
Neeve Thomas Wynter, M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, Bridge street
Newman George, Angel commercial hotel & posting house, & inland revenue office, Thoroughfare
Newman George, corn, coal, & wholesale wine, spirit & beer merchant. Angel hotel, Thoroughfare
Newson Nelson Wellington, watch & clock maker, silversmith & jeweller, Thoroughfare
Newson Richard, whitesmith, Chediston street
Newson Samuel, bricklayer, Church lane
Newson Samuel, shoe maker & bill poster, Chediston street
Newson Stephen, bricklayer, Chediston street
Newson William, bricklayer, Chediston street
Nichols Sarah (Mrs.), greengrocer, Chediston street
Nunn Ephraim, pork butcher, Pound street
Owles Emily (Mrs.), painter etc. Thoroughfare
Page Samuel, manager of gas works, Mill hill
Page Thomas, baker & corn chandler, Bridge street
Parslee Frederick Burrell, agent to the Alliance Fire & Life Insurance Co. Bank house. Thoroughfare
Peachey Catherine (Mrs.), dealer in rope, twine etc. Pound st
Peachey Robert, rope & sack manufacturer, Market place
Peck James, shopkeeper, Chediston street
Porter John, photographer & shopkeeper, Bungay road
Prime Edward, jun. veterinary surgeon. Bridge street
Provincial Banking Corporation (limited) (Arthur James Young, manager), Market place; draw on the Imperial
Bank, London Rayner Susan (Mrs.), pork butcher, Chediston street Read John, solicitor, clerk to the Halesworth burial board, & vestry clerk, thoroughfare
Reynolds William, chemist & druggist, Thoroughfare
Rignnll Wm. ironmonger, gunsmith & bellhanger, Market place
Sadd William, baker & shopkeeper, Quay street
Sawyer James, carrier, Chapel terrace
Scraggs Elizabeth (Mrs.), dyer, Chediston street
Seamans George, butcher, Thoroughfare
Seam men John, bailiff to the county court. Rectory lane
Self Samuel, baker & ginger beer maker, Chediston street
Shade Nathaniel, boot & shoe maker, Bridge street
Silverton John, bricklayer & whiting maker, Wissett road
Silverton Mary Ann (Mrs.), day school, Wissett road
Skinner George, timber merchant, wheelwright & farmer, Broadway
Skuffham David, Three Tuns, & manufacturer of blacking & harness paste, Market place
Smith James, carpenter & builder, Chediston street
Smith Robert, brick maker & farmer, Church farm, Chediston street
Smith Samuel, coach builder, Bridge street
Smith Sydney, veterinary surgeon, Chediston street
Sparrow (Miss), lodging bouse, Rectory lane
Sparrow Samuel, umbrella maker, Chediston street
Squire George, game dealer & butcher, Chediston street
Stagoll John, land surveyor & draughtsman, Market place
Starke James, boot & shoe maker, Thoroughfare
Stevenson S. ham & bacon drier, Brown's yard, Quay street
Strathern Fairlev Brisbane, maltster, & corn, wine, spirit & porter merchant, Quay street
Suffolk Volunteer Rifle Corps(7th) Head quarters.Rifle hall
Sutton Emma (Mrs.), lodging house, Thoroughfare
Swan William, hairdresser & fancy repository, Thoroughfare
Tax Surveyors Office (AlfredApthorpe,8urveyor), Market place
Taylor Caroline (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker. Pound street
Thompson William, gunsmith, Bridge street
Tilney Henry, blacksmith & wheelwright, Pound street
Tippell James, printer, Thoroughfare
Titlow Robert, tailor & woollen draper, Thoroughfare
Todd Charlotte (Mrs.), laundress, Church lane
Took Adam, basket & sieve maker, Market place
Took Peter, beer retailer, Thoroughfare
Took Robert, baker, confectioner, pastry cook & fruiterer, Thoroughfare
Upson Henry, cabinet maker & upholsterer, Chediston st
Upton Edwin, grease & manure manufacturer, Quay terrace
Vesey Thomas Augustus, gas fitter & brazier, Market place
Wade Sarah (Miss), ladies' boarding & day school, Hill house, London road
Wade Thomas, cooper, Pound street
Warne Benjamin, chimney sweeper, Chediston street
Watson Maria (Mrs.), Wherry, & carrier, The Quay
Webb John Julien, steam thrashing & drilling machines & saw bench proprietor, grist miller, & agent for agricultural implements, Pound street
White Henry, registrar of births & deaths for the Halesworth district, & marriages for Blything union, & relieving officer, Rectory lane
Wigg Caroline (Mrs.), milliner & straw bonnet maker, Thoroughfare
Wigg William, watch & clock maker, Thoroughfare
Woods Stephen, White Lion, Sc licensed to let horses, Thoroughfare
Woods Stephen, King's Arms commercial hotel, Market place
Woodyard Charles, bricklayer, Pound street
Woolnough Charlotte (Miss), dress maker, New cut
Working Men's Reading Room, Rectory lane
Wright Ellen (Mrs.), tailoress, Pound street
Wright James, plumber, painter & glazier, Thorouglifare

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