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    Suffolk and Pub History in progress

    Suffolk and UK Pub History in progress

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    History of Suffolk - Clare 1865 Commercial Traders

    Post Office Directory of 1865.

    Clare in 1865


    For a considerable more detail and Suffolk Pubs, visit my other historical Pub sites, including Suffolk Villages & Towns


    Ager Joseph, millwright
    Ager William C. carrier & car proprietor
    Ambrose Alfred, linen draper
    Ambrose Josiah, shopkeeper
    Andrews John B. chemist
    Argent James, sewing machine factory
    Atterton George (Mrs.), milliner
    Baldwin Henry, cabinet maker
    Barebam James, bricklayer & beer retailer
    Bareham James, beer retailer
    Barnes Edward, surgeon
    Bell Samuel, boot & shoe maker
    Bevis Elizabeth (Miss), children's day school
    Bickroore Thomas L. baker
    Boughen Thomas, Millers' Arms, & horse breaker
    Brown Henry, tailor & draper
    Brown James, farmer
    Cadby Joseph, basket maker
    Chaplin Walter, butcher
    Clare & West Suffolk Building Society (E. F. Fisher, solicitor; W. O. Hustler, manager)
    Corn Exchange (Jas. Fenner, proprietor)
    Crow Josiah, boot & shoe maker
    Dearsley William, carpenter
    Death Oliver, superintendent of police
    Deeks & Hayward, coach builders
    Deeks George, wheelwright
    Deeks Joseph, Bear & Crown
    Dennis Henry, farmer, Chilton
    Dennis Thomas, farmer, Chilton
    Downs James, tailor & draper
    Dyson Edward, baker
    Dyson Lucy (Mrs.), shopkeeper
    Dyson William, carpenter
    Eagle Martha, shopkeeper
    East of England Monetary Association (E. F. Fisher, solicitor)
    Edgley Sarah (Mrs.), cooper
    Elmer William C. carrier
    Elsden Mark, boot & shoe maker
    Ely Joseph G. Half-Moon hotel commercial inn & posting house
    Eppey Joseph, farm bailiff to the Rev. S. Jenner
    Fenn R. J. (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker
    Fenner William L. veterinary surgeon
    Fisher Edwd. F. solicitor, & at Cavendish
    Flanders John, carpenter
    French Thomas, tailor & draper
    Gallafent Robert T. relieving officer, & registrar of births & deaths
    Gas Works (Samuel Hurst, manager)
    Glazin Alfred, grammar school
    Glazin David F. boot & shoe maker
    Glazin George, shopkeeper
    Goodchiid Thos. butcher & cattle dealer
    Goody G. & E. drapers, milliners & undertakers, Market hill
    Goody G. & E. grocers & tea & provision dealers, Market hill
    Hale Charles, farmer
    Halley Henry, plumber etc
    Halls Ann (Mrs.), general dealer
    Hammond James W. basket maker
    Hart John E. ironmonger
    Heffer John R. farming steward
    Hewson Thomas, saddler
    Hickford Josiah, toy dealer
    Holt John, railway contractor
    Houlgate Alfred, miller
    Howe Samuel, Cock inn, & builder
    Hurrell Robert G. bookseller & printer
    Hustler William O. managing clerk to E. F. Fisher, solicitor
    Ince James, lath render
    Ince William, tailor & outfitter
    Isaacson John, land agent
    Ive Robert, carpenter, Chilton
    Ives Thomas, tailor
    Jarvis Samuel, carpenter
    Jarvis Thomas, Swan inn
    Jones Charles, farmer
    Linton John, tailor
    Literary Institute (John Isaacson, president; J. S. Ray & W. H. Sams, vice-presidents; William Ray, treasurer; H. S. Watling, hon. sec.; Alfred Glazin, librarian)
    Loe Richard B. chemist
    Mitson Charles, wheelwright
    Mortlock Charles, cabinet maker & upholsterer
    Mortlock Elizabeth S. ladles' boarding school
    Mortlock Mary A. (Mrs.), watch & clock maker
    Mortlock Richard, ironmonger
    Mortlock Thomas, Waggon & Horses
    Newman Eliza (Mrs.), Lion inn
    Newman Robert, butcher
    Oakes, Bevan & Co. bankers (James S. Rav, agent); draw on Barclay, Bevan & Co. 54 Lombard street, London E C
    Orbell Eliza R. straw bonnet maker
    Parker John, boot & shoe maker
    Parks Thomas, blacksmith
    Perry George, hairdresser
    Potter George, wheelwright, Chilton
    Rannow Elizabeth, shopkeeper
    Raven Charlotte (Miss), Bell inn
    Ray Charles, miller & maltster
    Ray James S. grocer & draper, & agent for Oakes, Bevan & Co. bankers
    Richardson Charles, beer retailer
    Richardson Joseph, beer retailer, Chilton
    Rivett John, White Hart, & carpenter, Chilton
    Robinson Alexander, plumber & glazier
    Robinson Henry, currier
    Robinson Jonathan, boot & shoe maker
    Robinson William, glover & tailor
    Row Jonathan, printer & bookbinder
    Sadler Samuel, coal dealer
    Sams William Henry, solicitor, & commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women & for
    taking affidavits in chancery, & all the superior courts, High street
    Shaddock Lucy (Mrs.), milliner
    Sergent Daniel, butcher
    Small Henry, civil engineer
    Smith Mary A. (Mrs.), confectioner
    Smith Richard T. surgeon
    Smoothy John, rate & tax collector
    Spurge Jane (Mrs.), confectioner
    Spurge Richard, perfumer
    Steed John, boot & shoe maker
    Steed John T. plumber & glazier
    Steel William, thatcher
    Stevens Saville W. solicitor
    Taylor William, builder
    Tuffln George, fruiterer
    Twinn Henry, lodging house, Chilton
    Twitchett Simeon, boot & shoe maker
    Unwin Ralph, maltster
    Webb Reuben, bricklayer, Chilton
    Wells Philip, boarding school, Grove ho

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